JUST FOR FUN! Muslim Migrants Kick German Girl Down Flight Of Stairs – Caught On CCTV [VIDEO]

JUST FOR FUN! Muslim Migrants Kick German Girl Down Flight Of Stairs – Caught On CCTV [VIDEO]

What I wouldn’t give for five minutes alone with each of these women-hating pieces of human garbage.

While this may be acceptable in whatever cat-box these scumbags are from, it’s not allowed to happen in the civilized world. Let me catch you assaulting a woman in my neck of the woods. I’m 5’7″ of tiny justice.


A German woman was walking down a flight of stairs in the Berlin Neukölln Subway Station, when a man came up behind her. At first it would appear as if he is also just walking down the steps, but as someone walks by the CCTV camera, you can see him raise his leg and KICK the woman’s back.

She falls down the steps, her things scattering around her. The man who assaulted her, walks back up the steps as if nothing happened.

Watch the video below, but do try to avoid punching your screen:


Did you notice that not one of the “men” who were standing behind the guy bothered to stop him, or even rush to the woman’s aid? One even stopped, stared for a moment and then picked something up off of the step (presumed to be one of the woman’s belongings) and then walked away as if he had just seen someone throw away an empty cup or something equally normal.

Luckily, we can also see two people from the floor below rush to help the woman.

I’m sorry (no I’m not), but we can’t allow this to happen in America. How can we intentionally import people who do things like this when they have absolutely no respect for anyone else?

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