JUST IN: ISIS Hits U.S. Troops With CHEMICAL Weapons…

JUST IN: ISIS Hits U.S. Troops With CHEMICAL Weapons…

The use of chemical weapons is banned throughout most civilized countries.

However, the savages that comprise ISIS have certainly never been accused of being civilized…

Early reports indicate that ISIS has used chemical weapons on U.S. troops in Iraq.


Several U.S. officials have claimed that ISIS fired a shell filled with Mustard Gas into Qayyara Air Base in Iraq on Tuesday where U.S. and Iraqi troops are stationed.

The shell was either a rocket or an artillery shell and was promptly tested and revealed to contain a chemical agent that reports indicate was Mustard Gas.

No troops were injured in the attack and no troops have yet showed any signs or symptoms of the effects of Mustard Gas.

According to one official, the weapon was poorly weaponized and the chemical was of “low purity.”

U.S. officials have anticipated an attack of this nature as several hundred U.S. troops remain stationed just outside of Mosul to assist Iraqi forces in taking-back Mosul from ISIS.

Pentagon officials have maintained that U.S. airstrikes have been hitting locations where it is believed that ISIS is manufacturing chemicals like Mustard Gas. However, Mustard Gas is fairly easy to produce and while our airstrikes have been effective, it is unlikely that our efforts will cease production of such weapons.

While President Obama and his band of weakling followers cannot be blamed for each vile act conducted by ISIS, they can be blamed for not taking seriously enough the resolve of the terrorist groups fighting to the death to kill so-called infidels.

Though President Obama seems pleased with his oh-so-gentle brand of targeted airstrikes, our military engagement in the Middle East does little but inconvenience ISIS as they march onward towards more death and destruction.

While Obama applies the least amount of military pressure possible, ISIS is experimenting with chemical weapons.

Who seems to be taking this fight more seriously?

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