Just Say No To Gay Marriage

by John Hawkins | November 12, 2008 9:03 am

Over at the LA Times[1], they’re bemoaning the failure of California’s citizens to take an axe to one of the building blocks of society by supporting gay marriage.

Let’s talk a little about that.

The supporters of gay marriage typically act in a deceptive and/or repulsive manner. Whether it’s simply ignoring the law, like Gavin Newsom, trying to use the courts to force gay marriage on an unwilling public, invading churches, politicians like Barack Obama who lie through their teeth about what they really believe, or portraying their opponents as bigots — decency and honorable behavior have been in short supply from the proponents of gay marriage.

Moreover, because gay marriage is not an issue that wins at the ballot box, its supporters have tried to get the courts to simply force gay marriage on an unwilling public. Happily, that has produced a backlash that has led to a lot of state constitutional amendments, but it should have never had to come to that.

If proponents of gay marriage merely wanted the same rights as married couples, they could have pushed for domestic partnerships — and had they handled it well, even a lot of conservatives would have been on board. I was even in favor of domestic partnerships at one time, myself. However, now that I have realized that the pro-gay marriage side views domestic partnership laws as nothing more than a tool they can use to make the case for gay marriage, I don’t support domestic partnerships anymore.

I would also add that there is absolutely no constitutional right for gay couples to marry each other and no legitimate reason for a court to make gay marriage legal in a state where its residents don’t want it. This is not an “equal rights” case. If it were, gay marriage would have been legal a hundred years ago.

Let me also add, that as a Christian, I don’t dislike people who are gay, but I do think homosexual behavior is immoral and it shouldn’t be rewarded or encouraged.

Even setting that aside, when you tinker with marriage, one of the crucial building blocks of society, you are taking a terrible risk with your future. It’s like fooling with the oxygen supply on a space shuttle. “Oh gee, what harm could there be in flipping this switch?” By the time you find out, you’re nearly dead, gasping for air, and desperately hoping it isn’t too late to fix the problem.

With gay marriage, I will grant you that the average couple that’s married today probably isn’t going to be affected one way or the other. However, when you change the cultural view of marriage and make it less sacred & important, it could significantly reduce the number of people getting married in the future. Look at welfare. Look at changes to our divorce laws that made it easier to obtain. Liberals scoffed at the idea that those changes could effect marriage — yet, the impact of those politics has been devastating to our society. Gay marriage would do similar damage and quite frankly, our society has got enough issues as it is without further damaging the institution of marriage because a bunch of liberal activists are throwing a hissy fit abut it.

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