JUST IN: Top ISIS Commander, Trained By American Advisors… [VIDEO]

JUST IN: Top ISIS Commander, Trained By American Advisors… [VIDEO]

Well, would you look at that! Turns out the top battlefield commander for ISIS is American-trained and some sources are saying it’s not going to go well for our side.

There’s a lot that we know about the man that was just made head honcho under Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, much of it is just talk right now, but if it turns out to be true, it’s going to be no buenos for the U.S. and other forces fighting against the terror group. When you read up on the guy, you’ll discover he’s no push over.

So here’s what er know about the guy.

This info was spotted on Young Conservatives:

Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov

ISIS’ main propaganda officer, Mohammad al-Adnani, who also served as second in command to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and was sort of the unofficial spokesperson for ISIS, was killed only a few days ago. Of course in an organization and part of the world that is as unstable as anything out there, the power vacuum that formed at the top of the Islamic State has been speedily filled, after former Tajik Special Forces colonel Gulmurod Khalimov became the top ISIS battlefield commander in Iraq, after joining the terrorist organization last year and swearing jihad against the West.


What makes the ascent of Khalimov especially awkward for the US is that the former paramilitary unit commander of the Tajikistan armed forces received his battlefield training from American advisers, most likely Army Special Forces, or Green Berets, and even traveled to the United States on numerous occasions to acquire specialized counterterrorism training through the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.

Then last year, Khalimov defected to ISIS where after welcoming the new colonel that had the experience and training of the enemy, he was promptly made the new field commander when the position…opened up.

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