JUST IN! US Suspends Diplomacy With Russia; Prepares “Military Options”

JUST IN! US Suspends Diplomacy With Russia; Prepares “Military Options”

Oh boy.

If you thought 2016 couldn’t get anymore contentious or ridiculous, our government just blew a gigantic, gaping hole in that idea.

We are officially ending our diplomatic relations with Russia and keeping our military options open.


Thursday, the United States told Russia that due to their continued bombing of the city of Aleppo, we are forced to end our diplomatic relations.

Officials have said that they are looking at “tougher options” in response to Russia’s repeated insubordination.

Before any action can take place, however, the Obama administration needs to follow through on Kerry’s previously empty threat to cease talks with Russia.

It’s doubtful that Obama, in the end of his final term in office, will commit to any large-scale military engagement. However, this is going to pose a significant problem for whomever takes the office of the President.

If the United States takes military action against Russia in Syria, it can open us up to potentially seeing attacks on our troops and even on America itself.

The current option, however, is to arm the rebels, which never works out in our favor, historically speaking.

Other options to military troops include allowing America’s Gulf allies to supply the rebels with more sophisticated weaponry and, a U.S.-led airstrike on an Assad-controlled air base, which would cause fewer Russian casualties.

Critics believe that Obama drew his “red line” without properly supplying the locals with sufficient means to achieve what they to believe his goal was – getting Assad out of office.

Further, foreign policy experts inside and outside the administration have said Obama erred when he pulled back from launching air strikes on Syria to enforce a “red line” he set against the Assad government’s use of chemical weapons. The result, they argued, was to diminish U.S. credibility in Moscow, Damascus and elsewhere because the perception took hold that Obama would not keep his word and follow through on his threat.

It is also possible, in my opinion, that Obama is intentionally creating a more hostile situation in Syria because he thinks it will give him some room to aid the rebels in a more direct way, ultimately seeing that he fulfills his plan of ousting Assad before the end of his term.

Why do you think the United States is ending diplomatic talks with Russia and how do you think that it will affect the United States election? Will it become a talking point during the debates?

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