JUST IN: Valerie Jarrett Has Convinced Obama To FIRE FBI Director, James Comey – After Election [VIDEO]

JUST IN: Valerie Jarrett Has Convinced Obama To FIRE FBI Director, James Comey – After Election [VIDEO]


Hillary Clinton has had a pretty rough relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They investigated her following the original email scandal. And then, she was deemed innocent. She made mistakes. But in the end, they weren’t that bad. Right? But then the case was reopened. And again the response was the same…. it really isn’t a big deal. No new information has been found.

Just eleven days before the election the case was reopened. Could that have made a difference to her supporters? And could it make a difference in the outcome of the election tomorrow? Now, according to the Daily Mail, President Barack Obama is planning to fire James Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This isn’t official yet, but it seems likely. The White House was asked for a response to this and the response was vague. Promising that they will “look into it.” So no solid answer has been given, but both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats, are upset with him. And it seems like after the Clinton scandal he has lost the trust of all his supporters.

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“I met with friends from the FBI and Justice,’ said a retired Justice Department official, ‘and they were all in agreement that Comey’s jerky decisions—opening the case against Hillary without definite cause, then closing it without consulting with his top deputies—was flabbergasting and deeply disturbing for career law enforcement and prosecutors.

‘Whatever support and goodwill Jim had until recently has been destroyed,’ this source continued. ‘He has injured the bureau and it will take a miracle for him to survive this.’

Things aren’t looking good for him. But can Obama really say he isn’t swayed by the fact that this may have impacted his buddy, Hillary Clinton’s, campaign.

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