Kaepernick Likely to Get BOOTED from the NFL After Disrespecting Anthem

Likely to get kicked out of NFL for disrespecting the National Anthem? …last I checked the NFL themselves didn’t seem like the type to care about stuff like this.

I mean, how else would you explain…

Not letting the Dallas Cowboys put little stickers on their helmets to honor our fallen blue lives in Dallas?

BUT…allowing Beyonce to perform an anti-police, pro-BLM and Black Panther halftime show?

Still very bitter about that one, but I digress.


Check out the latest in the Kaepernick saga…

From The Daily Caller:

Fox Sports pundit Jason McIntyre believes there is a chance that the San Francisco 49ers may cut quarterback Colin Kaepernick before they play the San Diego Chargers on Thursday.

McIntyre believes that Kaepernick could be cut before the game because of San Diego’s massive military presence, which could bring outrage to an entirely new level if Kaepernick sits out the national anthem.

Maybe we’ll wake up tomorrow to find Kaepernick off the roster…maybe not.

Either way though, he has ended his career.

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