Kanye West shows two of the best know Republicans NAKED in Bed with WOMEN in His “FAMOUS” Video

by McIntosh | June 28, 2016 4:04 am

On Friday night, Kanye West premiered the music video for “Famous” off of his album The Life of Pablo, and there were plenty, and I mean PLENTY of naked celebs in it. Celebs[1] you never wanted to see anywhere below the neckline…

Trump and Cosby for two…



And by “naked celebs,” I mean people or figurines who look like these celebrities and are more than likely NOT the actual celebrities.


A) George W. Bush, B) Anna Wintour, C) Donald Trump, D) Rihanna, E) Chris Brown, F) Taylor Swift, G) Kanye West, H) Kim Kardashian West, I) Ray J, J) Amber Rose, K) Caitlyn Jenner, L) Bill Cosby

If Barack Obama was right about anything, it was that Kanye is a jackass. He’s further though…

He’s a colossal DOUCHE BAG. You think that’s an embellishment? Hah! Nope. If he hasn’t started hearing from these people yet, he will soon…

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