Keep Your Hands Off The SUVS

by John Hawkins | December 2, 2002 9:47 pm

Keep Your Hands Off The SUVS: There’s something about SUVs that brings out the left’s totalitarian streak. Just read this pretentious liberal’s snide little rant[1] about how much he hates the idea of people being able to drive whatever type of car they want…

“A reader was kind enough to send me a bumper sticker that I promptly slapped on my car. “SUVs suck terrorist oil,” it reads.

I am pleased to see that my lonely crusade against SUVs is not so lonely anymore. I’ve been railing against these monstrosities since 1998. Till then, four-wheel-drive trucks had been bought mainly by fishermen, hunters and a handful of other people who had some actual off-road use for them. But all of a sudden, every yuppie and his trophy wife had an SUV. My daily commute became an exercise in dodging vehicles that had the handling and braking capacities of a bread truck.”

Don’t you get the feeling that if this guy thought the people driving SUVS were mainly animal rights activists and feminists he’d be all for SUVS? But since he thinks they’re being driven by “every yuppie and his trophy wife” he wants to get rid of them. This is despite the fact that we’re not running out oil. Oil is still cheap, plentiful, and easily obtainable and will probably remain that way for decades until fuel cells and electric cars become efficient enough to start challenging the internal combustion engine.

Moreover, how often have we heard left-wingers talk about how they’re for “choice” and for the “little guy.? But what if the “little guy” happens to have four kids, likes to hunt, or just wants a bigger, safer car and wants to “choose” an SUV? Then the left thinks the “little guy’s choice” doesn’t mean squat. Why don’t we let the American public drive whatever type of car they want without the government getting involved? As far as I’m concerned, if you can afford to pay for an SUV and you’re willing to spend the extra money for gas, then the government and the left-wing gas fascists need to get out of your way and let your drive what you want.

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