Keeping it 100: Democrats don’t want Betsy DeVos for Education Secy because she’s for better education for Black and Latino children via Charter Schools

by Samuel Gonzalez | February 6, 2017 9:07 pm


The Black and Latino community has to ask themselves a serious question and be honest with the answer because the lives of their children are at stake.

Why does the Democrat Party hate Charter schools so much?

If one can handle the truth, then act accordingly. The Democrat Party gets millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the teachers union. The money flow is more important than your Black or Latino child getting a better education. So if your kid is in a failing school chances are very likely that school has been subpar for a very long time without any hope of getting better.

Yet, the money flows from union dues, to Democrat political campaigns, to more lucrative teacher contracts, to higher union dues and back to Democrat Party.

So when charter schools come around that offer minority students a better education, the Democrat Party pull out all the stops to destroy then. Why? Because charters hurt their money flow and that cannot be tolerated.

Think about it!

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