Kellyanne Conway – FIRST Woman To Run VICTORIOUS Presidential Campaign

by Alexandria Willis | November 10, 2016 12:21 am


Today has been a day to avoid social media and the political scene. While I am grateful for the turn out of our election, the general consensus among many of my left wing friends is not so positive. We have heard over and over that hate won yesterday. Liberals are heartbroken. This campaign was emotionalized in every possible way. And while I disagree fundamentally, those who are heartbroken are dear friends who I respect and appreciate.[2]

One of the major voices against President Elect Donald Trump is his treatment of women was the media. And while some of the things he has said are truly deplorable, is it really as bad as the media has led us to believe?

Interestingly enough, Trump has a history of employing far more women than the national average. And this is especially true of high power positions in his company. They are paid far above the national average. In fact, the wage gap that the liberals are so horrified by has never really existed within his company. Meanwhile, it did exist within Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff.

The first woman to build a skyscraper made history. Guess who gave her the opportunity to build for his company? You’ve got that right. Donald Trump.

And again last night, he helped shatter another glass ceiling. President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager is now the first woman to lead a winning presidential campaign in the United States. Donald Trump trusted a woman completely in his greatest endeavor yet. And she has made history as the first woman to lead a winning campaign. She shows just as much as anyone that politics is not a man’s game.

She has said of the experience:

“I wasn’t hired because of my gender. But it’s a special responsibility,” Conway told CNN. “I want to do right, apart from my gender — I want to do right as a campaign manager.”

“[Trump] is a problem-solver. He’s a builder,” she continued. “When you are a businessman, you are accountable. You can’t run your business with $19 trillion worth of debt like the federal government does somehow.”

Congrats! The victory was just as great for her last night!


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