Kellyanne STEAMROLLS CNN Host On His Own Segment After He Tries To STUMP Her [VIDEO]

Kellyanne STEAMROLLS CNN Host On His Own Segment After He Tries To STUMP Her [VIDEO]

The left has gone berserk about President-elect Donald Trump accepting a phone call from the president of Taiwan. It’s a big deal… If you care more about optics than actual results. The leftist media has been doing nothing but attacking, questioning every move and assigning every doubt to any words, or actions that Trump decides on. I swear, the man can’t even sneeze without the activist media screaming that he just threatened to kill homosexuals for being homosexuals.

Oh wait. That’s a large portion of Muslims.


To tell the truth, I don’t have any problem with the activist media asking questions – assumptions and labels – yes, I do mind. But asking questions about the President-elect’s activities? Please, ask away…

I just have one question of my own.

Where the HELL were you sleazy, crooked, arrogant bastards for the last 8 years? Huh?! You all of the sudden have found the absolute need to question every single move the next President makes? AND YOU DON’T SEE AN ISSUE IN THIS? This is why America HATES you all. You have taken advantage of your viewership and trashed your own reputations so much, the next time you call ‘wolf’– no one is going to listen to you. Heck, people are so fed up with the lies, they might even believe you and STILL not do a thing to help.

The vein of absolute disgust and disdain runs deep in at least half of America and it’s all aimed at you phony teethed media personalities.


One such phony, who at times does a decent job of going after truth instead of agenda, is Anderson Cooper. This time, he really tries to grill Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. Both stayed calm, but Conway really ripped into the questioning and the lack of the same when applied to President Obama.

Here’s an excerpt from BizPac Review:

Many on the left, like CNN’s Anderson Cooper, have treated the call as if it could trigger World War 3.

Cooper asked Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway about the call and its implications.

“This has been a long-standing U.S. policy towards China—not to recognize Taiwan,” Cooper said as he noted no president or president-elect has spoken to the Taiwanese leader since the U.S broke relations with it in 1979.

Conway said Trump was “well aware of the U.S. policy,” and chided Cooper for his insinuation and for, what she believes, is more scrutiny than President Obama had received in 2008.

“I don’t remember any discussions ever being asked about President Obama or president-elect Obama eight years ago at this time,” she said.

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