Kidnapped Mother Calls Daughter From Inside Car Trunk To Say Good-Bye Before Being Murdered… [VIDEO]

Kidnapped Mother Calls Daughter From Inside Car Trunk To Say Good-Bye Before Being Murdered… [VIDEO]

One of the worst feelings that exist in this world is the kind you get when a loved one is taken from you. Taken from you by force and ripped out of this world for no reason at all. That’s what happened to this little family in Montana and specifically the daughter of a woman who was kidnapped. The mother had been taken, thrown in her own trunk of her car and was able to give one last call before the monster that took her ended her.

She called her husband and she called her daughter, who said that she loved her…those where the last words she said to her mother.


Rita Maze made frenzied calls, attempting to get a hold of her husband Bob and daughter Rochelle, while she was trapped in the back of her car trunk on Tuesday evening.

The 47 year-old, of Great Falls, frantically described to her family that ‘a large man in a black hoodie’ had struck her over the head.

Bob and Rochelle Maze immediately called the police and explained their tragic situation. The police were able to track where the call was coming from, but by the time they were able to reach were she was, it was too late…

Rita’s body was found just after midnight on Tuesday still in the trunk of her vehicle near Spokane International Airport, in a whole other state more than 300 miles away from where she was attacked and taken.


A teary-eyed Rochelle, in a struggle to describe the painful conversation with her mom who was hysterical with utter fear:

‘She traveled with a gun, and she knew he had her gun, and she was terrified,’ Rochelle said. ‘He kept her in the trunk for 12 hours.’

Rochelle’s conversation lasted a harrowing 10 mins, then the phone went dead and she never heard from her Mother again.

Police are currently investigating the crime, reviewing video surveillance from the place she was taken.

Even imagining this happening to my own mother is painful enough. This poor family has had to cope with the worst of humanity. A man that took their mother away. A phone call that would have completely torn the heart out of any daughter or son.

The hope that this man is caught doesn’t even describe it. It’s absolutely frightening to think of the dark places your mind goes when revenge is filling it.

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