THEY KNEW! Leaked PELOSI Documents Prove Hillary And Obama LIED About Benghazi!

by Greg Campbell | August 31, 2016 7:24 pm

When it comes to Benghazi, there can ONLY be two possible narratives: either the Obama Administration knew that the American consulate was under a terrorist attack and did nothing as Americans died. Or, alternatively, they were so detached from the realities of the situation in Libya that they didn’t know. In either case, their actions are nothing short of criminal.


Of course, it seems abundantly clear that not only was the Obama Administration unwilling to grant security requests from Ambassador Stevens because doing so would compromise the validity of their “soft touch” foreign policy in the region, but that the top State Department leaders were petrified by inaction as Americans died in the terrorist attack.

It’s also readily apparent that as the consulate smoldered, the Obama Administration was infinitely more concerned about covering-up their own ineptitude and thus crafted a ludicrous narrative concerning a YouTube video as the genesis of the “protest” that was, in reality, an orchestrated and choreographed terrorist attack.

Thanks to the efforts of a Romanian hacker, Americans can now see that Democrats were well aware of the falsehoods being pushed by the Obama Administration[2] in the days and weeks after the terrorist attack. An internal memo from Nancy Pelosi’s office indicates that the former Speaker of the House knew that the information being pushed by the Obama Administration was false.

In the memo, Democrats were issued talking points of how to spin the scandal. In fact, the memo makes very clear that Democrats are to treat the terrorist attack as a tragedy, NOT a scandal.

Of course, it is a scandal when a terrorist attack is orchestrated thanks to idiotic policy and government inaction…

Take a look below and see what Democrats were most concerned about as American families grieved for their lost loved ones.

Further, behold the Obama Administration’s legacy as the “most transparent” presidential administration in history…



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