Did You Know You Can Scramble an Egg Inside Its Shell? Here’s How… [VIDEO]

Did You Know You Can Scramble an Egg Inside Its Shell? Here’s How… [VIDEO]

So, how do you like YOUR eggs cooked? If you enjoy them scrambled, this is the story for you! This is going to teach you how to scramble your egg, inside out!


From AWM:

As the video describes, you will need eggs, a long sleeved tee shirt, a couple of rubber bands or some twine, and a pot with boiling water.

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Basically you take each egg and place it inside the center of a tee shirt sleeve, and the secure it in place with tightly wound rubber bands or twine. Then you take the sleeve at each end and twirl the egg a few times to build up momentum and then pull the ends apart hard. This will cause the egg to spin very rapidly. Now just repeat this action about a dozen times per egg, and then hard boil them as usual. When you crack them open, you will have a perfectly scrambled, perfectly hard boiled egg.

There are so many tricks to make eggs easier to use, which is good considering how versatile these little guys are.

The first thing you have got to know is whether or not your eggs are still any good. An easy test is to take the uncooked egg and place it in a bowl of cold water. If it sinks, it is still fresh enough to use. If it floats, it is time to kick it to the curb. See, the shell of an egg is a lot more porous than you would think, and over time the moisture in the egg evaporates through the shell. That is replaced by gas, which increases the egg’s buoyancy. By the way, this trick also works on witches. Good women sink, witches float. Get rid of the floaters.

If you are tired of all the little bits of eggshells that can get into your cracked eggs here is the best way yet to get rid of the rogue pieces. instead of fumbling around with your finger trying to fish out the little sucker, use the larger shell piece. It will attract the smaller fragment like a magnet.

With a little practice you can separate yolks and whites with an empty water bottle.

Alright then, who will be trying this method for some hard-boiled…but scrambled inside out eggs!? This may be a fun trick to do, to blow a few minds of those you want to impress… Maybe?

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