Lafayette Shooter Was Obama Supporter: “I Was For His Re-Election, I Liked His Spending”

by John Brodgian | July 25, 2015 8:28 am

Since the Lafayette shooter failed a common sense regulatory background check, liberals have to go to plan B to politicize him and make him a tea partier. And while he was a conservative radio guest (why, I have no idea), he also said this[1] in a possible manifesto…


I accepted this it came to me that the president is doing exactly what Tim McVeigh did,only the president is much more effective.The way I see it,the faster he wrecks this nation, which in no way resembles what it’s founders envisioned,the faster working people with morals may re-assume I was for his re-election. I like his spending habits.etc……

Doesn’t sound like any tea partier I know. Then again, he did have mental issues[3].

And none of this changes the tragedy that three people lost their lives this week because of him.

  1. he also said this:
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  3. he did have mental issues:

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