Late Liveblogging: Obama’s Waste Of Time Press Conference

by John Hawkins | April 29, 2009 8:20 pm

* Just noticed people talking about Obama’s press conference on Twitter and figured I should liveblog it. He just said waterboarding is torture — which, of course, is why lefties keep having it done to them and put it on YouTube. When do we get a lib sticking bamboo shoots under his fingernails?

Oh, yes, waterboarding is behind terrorist recruiting. After all, they never had anybody following them before we started waterboarding….oh wait, they did!

* What if we were under imminent threat? Would you torture? What about the memos Cheney referred to? Hmmmmm? I expect President “I vote present” to dodge this one. He is giving the impression he wouldn’t torture, but isn’t saying.

* Question about Pakistan takeover by Taliban. Can we secure nukes? It’ll never come to that and I won’t answer the question! Government in Pakistan is fragile, can’t deliver basic services. So, we need to help Pakistan help Pakistanis. Ehr….so, what is he saying? That we’re going to be schooling and providing health care for them?

PS: Why exactly is this in prime time when he’s just answering questions 20 minutes in?

* Does violence in Iraq affect US plans for withdrawal? He’s basically giving the Bush “stay the course” answer. We need to settle oil revenues, relationship, boundaries, political reconiciliation, etc., etc. What’s the dif between him and Bush on this?

* Reporter offers Obama an opportunity to crow about Specter switch and hammer Republicans. Having Specter in Democratic Party will free Specter to work with us. I certainly don’t have a rubber stamp Senate — of course, he does. I have been genuinely reaching out to my Republican friends, but I can’t accept any of their ideas. Bipartisanship is Republicans doing whatever I tell them to do. Not a shocker.

* You are pro-abortion and speaking at Notre Dame. You said it was above your pay grade, but you want the freedom of choice act. Obama: I am pro-choice and think this is a decision people need to wrestle with before they choose abortion. I have a task force to reduce teen pregnancies. Oh boy, a task force!

* The New York Times reporter asks a question you’d expect from a high school paper. What has charmed, troubled, enchanted, horrified, and made you want to vomit after being in office for 100 days? Obama makes a funny about it. Biggest crisis since the depression, very hard, yada, yada, yada.

Change in Washington comes slow (My God, if only). Republicans playing political games have troubled me. Enchanted by the troops! Can’t complain about that.

Humbled by — stuck for a second — because he is an arrogant guy — humbled that I am very powerful, but I can’t just press a button and have the bankers do exactly what I want or have Congress do what I want. But, he coaxes people in the “right direction.” Like this guy would know the right direction. 20 years from now our kids will say, we got serious about clean energy, education, health care — in 20 years our kids will be murdering us in our sleep to get revenge for putting this guy in office.

* What is your strategy for immigration reform? We can’t continue with this broken immigration system. He admitted illegals depress American wages =D Mistake that will come back to haunt him. We are laying the foundations to get this on track, yada, yada. We should go after companies instead of just having raids (Why not do both?) The process will be moving this year — which is a non-answer.

* Black people are getting hit hardest by recession. Black men have a 50% unemployment rate in NYC (Really? [email protected]!) Obama, because black men are getting hurt disproportionately, our policies will help them disproportionately because our policies are designed to help people who are hurting.

* You criticized Bush for protecting state secrets, but you have exactly the same policy. Well, we haven’t had time to do much with it yet, plus there are times when state secrets should be protected.

* You’re a major shareholder in banks, auto companies. What are you going to do? Obama: I don’t want to run them. I want to get out as soon as possible (I strongly agree with that answer, but don’t believe him). We’ve got to interfere in these companies, no choice. (Wrong). I want to help these companies make tough decisions. Soon as systemic risks are diminished, I want out. (Again, agree with what he says. Don’t believe him. If he meant this, why isn’t he letting everybody out of TARP who wants out?) I don’t want people to think we enjoy meddling in the private sector. Why, I don’t want to grow government! That’s crazy talk! Press chuckles!

That’s it.

Seems like a waste of time for a press conference. Why did he need to do this in prime time? Seems odd…

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