Latest AIP Column: How Nice Is Too Nice?

by Melissa Clouthier | May 19, 2009 10:32 am

If America is going to be Europe Lite and turn into a socialist country, soft, cushy, lacking innovation and miserably haughty, I think America needs to decide how “nice” is going to look. The idea is create a society free of hardship rather than a free society. So what will that mean?

Over at the American Issues Project[1], “niceness” is the topic:

Americans need to decide at what point the helping hand becomes the smothering death grip. What can start as a soft landing can end as a soft pillow affixed to the charity recipient’s gasping face.

Or put it another way. You know how when you’ve had a family illness or a new baby and some “helpful” relative visits. At first she (inevitably she’s a she) is cleaning and doing laundry. Then she’s rearranging all the shelves. Then, she is admonishing you about your toilet paper roll directional habits. Finally, you catch her rifling through your underwear drawer and hiding your bottle of prized scotch in her closet. You know it’s time for her to go, but you kinda feel obligated to keep her around because she did help a lot. Worse, when you finally tell her to go, that you no longer need the help, but that you’re grateful, she insists on staying. You’re stuck.

Kinda like the banks that took TARP money are stuck. Kinda like generations of welfare recipients are stuck.

Please go read the whole thing. Also, some other great writers, including Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Cassy Fiano have columns today. Check it out!

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