Lawrence O’Donnell on Ignorance

by Dave Blount | March 17, 2011 1:13 pm

If there is one area where admitted socialist[1] Lawrence O’Donnell would have any clue what he’s barking about, it would be ignorance. Yet even on this topic, Keith Olbermann’s stand-in proves to be a fatuous know-nothing.

Liberals fear the fiery countermoonbat Michele Bachmann, so O’Donnell et al. are waging a propaganda war to destroy her reputation. He can find only one explanation for her election to Congress: voters in her district are ignorant. That is to say, they are Caucasian. An actual quote:[2]

“What makes those voters so ignorant? Well, for starters, they are whiter than the average district.”

At the intellectual playschool that constitutes MSNBC’s audience, watching a white guy proclaim that white people are inherently ignorant probably doesn’t even register on the absurdity meter. The important thing is that O’Donnell despises Caucasians, therefore he’s not racist.

So it is possible to go downhill from Keith Olbermann.

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