Let’s Talk Sea Rise From AGW In Exotic Vacation Spot Manado

Hey, there’s another of those really cool climate change conferences going on in yet another exotic vacation spot. Anyone surprised that the folks who claim man-induced climate change will kill us all EVERYBODY PANIC have gone somewhere nice? With planes, certainly using cars, maybe limo’s, eating well…..

MANADO (North Sulawesi), May 11 (Bernama) — A global conference on oceans opened here Monday to highlight the threat from global warming that will accelerate the destruction of precious marine resources.

Attended by delegates from some 70 countries and scores of international organisations, and about 1,000 scientists and climate change experts, the World Ocean Conference (WOC) 2009 focuses on hopes from the oceans at the forefront of climate change and food security.

According to the organising committee, the WOC 2009 would discuss current marine issues related to climate change, and how the world can wisely utilise the ocean to weather the crisis.

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Have these folks ever heard of an electronic conference? Instead the are part of the problem they say exists because of Man, and contribute more then their “fair share.”

“We must work together to promote and advocate better understanding of the linkages between oceans and climate change and the adverse impacts of climate change on ecosystems, marine biodiversity and coastal communities,” he added.

The linkages would be pretty much natural, have occurred throughout history, and will continue. Ocean currents have a lag time of 500 to 10,000 years, so, whatever they are doing now is because of something that happened a long time ago. CO2 goes up because of temperature rise, it doesn’t cause it. And it typically tracks around 800 years later. Something that tracks 800 years later is not a cause, it is an effect. Sunspots are way down. Less sunspots, less solar wind, more cosmic rays, more clouds, cooler temps.

And what they do not like to talk about while they yammer on about how Evil man is, causing the seas to rise, between buffets and scuba diving trips on gas powered boats, is

There has been a whopping 8 inch (20 cm) rise over the 2oth century. Eight inches. Notice that this has been going on pretty much the same for the last 7,500 years. And you can see what happened before that, as the last ice age ended, and the Earth entered a phase of small cooling and warming trends.

But, Manado is such a nice place! Do as I say, not as I do.

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