by Alexandria Willis | December 1, 2016 5:44 pm


Many people have decided to boycott Levi products[2] and stores after they released this statement…

CBS News Reported:

Levi Strauss & Co. President and CEO Chip Bergh wrote Wednesday in an open letter posted on LinkedIn that a customer was injured in a Levi’s store recently after the customer’s own gun inadvertently went off. He said Levi’s isn’t banning guns, just requesting people not bring them into its places of business.

“We know that the presence of firearms in our stores creates an unsettling environment for many of our employees and customers,” said Bergh, noting that he is a former army officer. “We also know that trying to enforce a ban could potentially undermine the purpose of the ban itself: safety.”

He added that consumers shouldn’t have to be concerned about their safety while shopping for clothes, saying that “firearms don’t belong” in stores.

Do you think the CEO, Chip Bergh, is right? At least he is not disallowing guns, only advising against them. But how is this a healthy sign of gun safety and the way others view guns? He states that guns make for an “unsettling environment.” But I think that depends entirely upon the person. I know how to use a gun. I am comfortable loading a gun and taking a gun apart. When I go into a store and I see someone carrying or know someone I am with is concealed carrying, I do not feel unsettled or unsafe. Quite the contrary. I feel safe and at peace.

So, it is ridiculous to state that guns make stores feel unsafe. So, feel free to join the boycott and avoid Levi brands. Or just be like me and keep carrying your gun wherever you want to carry it.


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