Liberal Actor Danny Devito Trashes America By Saying This

Liberal Actor Danny Devito Trashes America By Saying This

Danny DeVito has been happy to take the hard earned money of Americans at the box office money for many years. And in return for the prosperous successful career we’ve given him, he has a few words of thanks…er, I mean condemnation. Yes, this Hollywood icon is calling you a racist. He doesn’t care if it’s true. He said it and he means it. And to heck with what we think.

Actor Danny DeVito, well-known for his liberal point of view, leveled some big charges concerning the people of the United States when this year’s Oscars controversy came up.

“It’s unfortunate that the entire country is a racist country,” DeVito said Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival, noting that black actors and actresses who gave “great performances … weren’t even thought about” for the 2016 Academy Awards.

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“We are living in a country that discriminates and has certain racial tendencies which – racist tendencies – so sometimes it’s manifested in things like this,” DeVito continued, adding that “just generally speaking … we’re a bunch of racists.”

You heard it folks, he said WE’RE a bunch of racists, including himself in that group. Well, Mr. DeVito, speak for yourself. If YOU are a racist, then that’s something you’ll need to address. But you don’t speak for me or any other American. And quite frankly, I’m sorry I ever paid to see your movies. Clearly, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and no boundaries when it comes to opening your mouth to speak.

See video below:

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