Liberal ASSHATS At MTV Demand WHITE MEN Abide By These New Year Resolutions [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | December 20, 2016 1:15 am

It used to be that MTV actually provided its viewers with musical television. Now MTV is best known for cancer causing plagued reality shows with plastic people. But what’s also just as cringe-inducing[1] are the social justice videos that are as good as their YouTube channel’s dislikes…seriously, look it up.

After listening to these kids arrogantly talk right out of their anal cavities, it kind of makes you pine for the good old days of Beavis and Butthead…you would get more out of that program than anything said by these boobs.


Here’s a few inconsistencies to point out from one of these videos. The part where the self-righteous girl calls upon all white males to learn what “mansplaining” is and then stop doing it…yeah, that girl…does she, or any of the other social justice babies out there realize that they are telling an entire gender and race what to do and what to think, and what to say?…Oh wait! They’re only white males! Of course, how silly of me…

And here’s another point they made, that was no point at all. Them “giving” Kanye West away to white people. Could you liken that to, well, slavery? Are they giving a black man to white males? Now that’s racist, liberals! But what did Kanye do? OH THAT’S RIGHT!…He not only voted for Trump, he also met with him, and was seen shaking hands and smiling along side him. You done did it now, Kanye! You didn’t do as they commanded and now you’re sold to white males!….Does that sound accurate?


You see, these ‘children’ know nothing of the real world. They have never had to sacrifice anything of themselves, yet demand that the world, or in this case, white males, think, speak and act according to other peoples requests. The racism, bigotry and utter douchbaggery is completely lost on these ingrates.

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