Liberal feminist publicly shames autistic man who likes to get high fives from strangers

Liberal feminist publicly shames autistic man who likes to get high fives from strangers

A man who was publicly shamefaced on social media for being a ‘festering turd of a human being’ that ‘intimidated multiple young Asian women’, according to one feminist, by waving his hand in their faces on a Melbourne tram is reportedly autistic and high-fiving strangers on the train is ‘his thing.’

The man’s face blew up across social media when a self-righteous woman took a photo of him and wrote a status marking him as a ‘low life’, ‘creep’ and ‘loser’ on Facebook.

Her profanity-laden post drew in 80,000 likes and close to 10,000 shares in a matter of hours, with many people leaving bellicose messages threatening violence and revenge on the alleged harasser for his ‘dominating’ behavior.


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But multiple sources have since came out and said that the man is a daily commuter along the city tram line who is reportedly autistic and ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’.

One man familiar with the so-called ‘creep’ had this to say:

‘I have seen him on the same tram for years along Swanston and Elizabeth street, he exclaims and utter noises very suddenly at times and he does hover over people but he never touches anyone without asking. I don’t believe he singles out women in that regard either, he’s done it to me before and I have told him to leave me be politely and that he did. He likes getting high fives from folks, most people ignore him but at times they do give him one. This man was trying to get a woman to give him a high five … he has a disability’

Another person appealed with social media scumbags to stop calling the man a predator:

‘This man was trying to get a woman to give him a high five and I know this man he has a disability,’ she wrote online. This man is disabled… A simple reminder of personal space and friends vs strangers and he understands. The post is now calling for women vigilantes to hunt him down, men want to find him and ‘smash the c***’ (and) people are declaring that disabled people should be locked up.’


This is a situation where conclusions were drawn, though it’s not difficult to see how. The man has a disability and it must not have been apparent to this feminist. Whether that makes a difference to her, who knows.

What really blew this way out of proportion is the absolute NEED this woman felt to run to her social media page and cry ‘whoa is me!’ to the world. Do people like her get some type of vindication from it? Is it a validation thing? I don’t know, but the scum of social media around the world came out from under their rocks and crucified anyone and anything they could.

Social media is a disgusting place to live your life.

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