Liberal Heads Explode as Donations Top Over $800,000 for Memories Pizza

by John Brodgian | April 5, 2015 8:46 am

When liberals ran a pizza place out of business because the owner answered a reporter’s question in a way they disagreed with, conservatives went to help that owner out.  Liberals, as they are wont to do, cried conspiracy[1].  Here’s an example…


Kandyce Brothers: gogfundme raised just over 840k with almsot 30,000 donors. do the math that would make each donor giving approx almost $29,000.00?????? ooooh come on now that anyone belieces this wasnt a dirty GOP trick to garner support for conservatives. This was koch brothers funded and media manipulated to make liberabls look extremely bad. The right wing propaganda machin strikes again

Makes sense.  The owners of Memories Pizza knew a reporter was going to come into their store, and that if they gave the reporter an answer that liberals disagreed with they were going to unleash the same hatred and intolerance liberals unleash towards anyone who disagrees with them about anything, which was going to cause Lawrence B. Jones to sympathetically set up a fundraising page, which was going to cause close to a million dollars to come in.  That’s some Illuminati stuff!

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