Liberal Talk Show Host Karel Calls for Death of Joe the Plumber

by Van Helsing | November 3, 2008 2:31 pm

If there is one type beyond the farthest reaches of progressive tolerance, it is the normal, decent American. Liberal hatred for people like Sarah Palin and Joe Wurzelbacher[1] is nothing short of satanic. Here’s San Franfreakshow Obamunist, homosexual activist, HuffPo scribbler, and liberal radio yapper Charles Karel Bouley (aka “Karel”) calling for the death of Joe the Plumber during a newsbreak, via Radio Equalizer[2] (warning — the language isn’t pretty):

Death is Joe’s due for wanting to own a business and having the audacity to ask The One if his taxes would go up.

This should give you an idea of why liberals will need the Unfairness Doctrine[3] if they are ever going to compete with conservatives on the radio. Most Americans just aren’t rotten enough to be on their wavelength.

Hat tip: Knowledge Is Power[4]; on tips from V the K[5], Burning Hot[6], Wiggins, and J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[7].

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