Liberals Call Trump ‘SEXIST’ BUT He Just Named 2nd Woman To Cabinet

by Sierra Marlee | November 23, 2016 5:57 pm

Ah, I love the smell of liberals being wrong in the morning. Of course, it’s not just the morning when they’re wrong, but all the time. For instance, when they call President-elect Donald Trump a sexist, but Trump has selected 2 women (so far) to work in his Cabinet.

Of course, they’re going to keep flinging these insults at him, regardless of the fact that they have no actual evidence to back it up because, frankly, it’s what they do. The rest of us, however, are going to be able to smile kindly at our liberal neighbor and say, in a voice as sweet as sugar, “oh honey, bless your heart.”


Betsy DeVos has been named as Trump’s Secretary of Education. Not quite as good as directly abolishing the DOE, but it’s the best we can hope for at this moment.

Liberals won’t recognize the fact that she’s a woman and will instead attack other traits about her such as the fact that she is a charter school advocate and supports vouchers.

According to Fox News[2], conservatives might have something to worry about with her previous support of Common Core, which Donald Trump vehemently denounced throughout the 2016 campaign.

I personally don’t care about the gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. of a person, I care about their qualifications. If she’s qualified for the job, then I’ll be glad to see her take it. If not, I want Trump to be smart enough to pick someone else who is more worthy of the role.

Now, let’s sit back, relax and watch liberals trip over themselves trying to figure out how to make this story about Trump’s hatred for women.

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