What To Show A Whining Liberal When They Argue Gun Control With You!

What To Show A Whining Liberal When They Argue Gun Control With You!


It seems so simple…obviously, it’s not, if there are still Liberals acting like fools about Gun Control. Here is the brutal truth, a truth that shows their run for Gun Control is going to get us killed!


Via William Teach:

Democrats are very enthused over implementing massive amounts of gun control, and have no problem blowing off American citizen’s Due Process rights, too boot. They seem to relish it. Today, they are supposedly holding their “Days Of Action” to keep their anti-Constitution push going. Rep Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn) wants to “treat gun violence as an urgent public health crisis.” Funny how this crisis seems to heavily involve Democratic Party voters in Democratic Party run areas. And extremist Muslims. But, we aren’t allowed to talk about either group. Then there’s this op-ed piece by Richard Salmony

(News and Observer) It is 3 a.m., and I’m wide awake. I’ve got a busy clinic in the morning and should be sleeping, but all I can think about is the safety of my boys, who are 5 months and 4 years old. The horrific imagery of the Orlando shooting is racing through my mind. Memories of Columbine, Sandy Hook, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino and other countless violent acts have become a permanent part of the landscape of our society.

You probably shouldn’t live in the heavily Democratic Party area known as Durham, NC. Or at least stay out of certain areas. This Dem run city has a crime rate of 5, meaning it is safer than 5% of other US cities. That’s a Bad Thing. It’s violent crime rate (7.49) is over double that of both the national (3.8) and North Carolina (3.3) rates. The murder, rape, assault, and robbery rates are all above the national rates. Of course, there’s nothing else to do but slap restrictions on law abiding citizens who need to protect themselves in Democratic Party run areas

Gun control is an issue about the safety of children everywhere. It should have no relationship to partisan politics or be subject to political pressures. Local and national leaders must put aside political aspirations and think about the one thing that always matters – the life of a child.

Taking the position that gun control will not help is shameful and shortsighted. The fact that a person investigated by the FBI for potential terrorist links is capable of buying any type of firearm, let alone a military-style assault weapon, is preposterous.

Using the phrase “military-style assault weapon” is political. And using children as props is shameful and partisan, considering that the same people pushing to restrict the Constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners, both the right to own and their Due Process rights, cheered when the Supreme Court shot down Texas’ laws that required abortion centers to operate under the same medical standards as medical facilities. They loves them some unborn baby killing!

But, please, tell me more how all this gun control will keep children safe. In science, one comes up with a hypothesis, then tests it to see the outcome. In business, they do something similar. They note the problem, lay out the task to deal with it, and what the results are expected to be. Fortunately, we have testing sites to look at, and see their results. Places like California, Chicago, D.C. Baltimore, Orlando, NJ, and many other Democratic Party run areas, which all feature heavy restrictions on law abiding citizens, all which feature heavy amounts of crime and shootings and murders. Meanwhile, those who need to defend themselves are the ones who have their rights taken away.

Why is it that Democrats always want to disarm the law abiding citizens, rather than going after the actual criminals? Democrats work super hard to protect criminals, not the law abiding citizens, not the ones who need to defend themselves, not the ones who have been attacked.

It is time for government leaders to act. Set politics to the side. Outlaw the public sale of military-style weaponry now. Requiring background checks before allowing the purchase of firearms is imperative. Anyone should agree to this step in the right direction. This is a growing problem, and our children deserve so much better than what we are providing them.

Very few attacks use “assault rifles”. Background checks are already required. To claim otherwise is “shameful” partisanship. Remember, the same people who want to take away Due Process and 2nd Amendment rights want to give convicted felons back their voting rights. Go figure.

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