Liberal’s Get Their Panties In A Twist Over THIS Comparison Between “Real Michelle” And Melania…

by Just An American | May 17, 2016 1:13 pm

Whoa! If a cartoon meme has ever been known to go viral…this would be the one! The internet is going wild over this comparison between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. The outrage on the left is pretty ridiculous…in fact. Branding the picture to be ‘racist and misogynistic. What hypocrites…[1]


From the Daily Mail:

A cartoonist has been accused of racism after he portrayed Michelle Obama as masculine and butch next to a pageant-ready Melania Trump in a controversial drawing.

The cartoon – which has been branded ‘racist and misogynistic’ – shows a muscular Mrs Obama wearing a green dress with a bulge in the groin area.

Stood next to her is a feminine, smiling Melania Trump in a pink dress and holding a Trump sign.

The artist Ben Garrison tweeted the picture on Friday with the caption: ‘#InTrumpsAmerica The #FirstLady will be Great Again! #Trump2016.’


Twitter reacted with fury to the drawing, with dozens of people defending the First Lady.

Femi H tweeted: ‘Honestly this is racist as hell and reverts back to stereotypes that black women are angry and masculine.’

I’m starting to believe the only real racist people in the world are Democrats. Boy are they ever exhausting…

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