Liberals Move Toward Decriminalizing Infanticide

Andrea Yates and Debra Gindorf were lucky — these baby butchers had prominent moonbats to take up their cause. Yates had MSM apparatchik Katie Cupcake, and Gindorf had Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, who just commuted her sentence. But what of other baby killers, whose crimes aren’t quite heinous enough to capture the hearts of the liberal elite? Who looks out for them?

Jessica Ferrar is who. Via Cassie Fiano:

She’s a Texas state representative, recently honored by Planned Parenthood and the proud owner of a 100% NARAL approval rating. She’s currently trying to force through a bill that would make Catholic hospitals be required to dispense the morning-after pill. Her latest bright idea? To decriminalize infanticide. Introducing Texas HB 3318, the first of its kind in the entire country, known as “the infanticide bill”.

The bill would distinguish the lesser crime of infanticide from murder, and define it like this:

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A person commits an offense if the person wilfully by an act or omission causes the death of a child to whom the person gave birth within the 12-month period preceding the child’s death.

It’s infanticide instead of murder if

at the time of the act or omission, the person’s judgment was impaired as a result of the effects of giving birth or the effects of lactation following the birth.

Killing your kid would still be a felony — but barely. Punishment would range from a maximum of 2 years down to 180 days, and/or a manageable $10,000 fine, far less than what most of us pay in taxes each year. This is for murdering your own child, so long as you do it before their first birthday.

This outrage has passed the Texas State Criminal Jurisprudence Committee and looks likely to become law. If this gets through in Texas, it’s a cinch to take root in the rest of the country. The next step will be decriminalization.

Crying baby getting on your nerves? Brain in with a skillet and throw it out with the trash. Then tell the judge you were in a bad mood.

That liberals sympathize so openly with women who commit the ultimate crime by killing their own children tells you all you need to know about the condition of their souls.

By the way, Ferrar claims to be a Catholic. If that word is to mean anything at all, excommunication needs to come back into style.

Ferrar with an award from Planned Parenthood, via Gateway Pundit.

On tips from Oldcrow and Burning Hot. Hat tips: theblogprof, Stop the ACLU. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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