Liberals “Support” The Police Now, Just Like They “Support” The Troops?

As you probably already know, some nutjob in Pittsburgh, after a night of drinking, got in an argument with his mother about a dog whizzing in the house and that tragically led to the murder of three policemen,

An ambush that resulted in the shooting deaths of three Pittsburgh policemen was precipitated by an emergency call from the gunman’s mother over a dog urinating in the house.

According to court papers, Richard Poplawski and his mother argued about his dog’s accident Saturday morning, prompting her to threaten to evict him and to call police.

Police have charged the 23-year-old Poplawski with killing three officers and attempting to kill nine others during a four-hour siege.

Poplawski has been arraigned in a local hospital, where he’s recovering from gunshot wounds to his legs.

Police say Poplawski was heavily armed and wearing a bulletproof vest when he killed the first two officers on sight. His mother opened the door for police, saw the shootings and then fled to the basement.

Because Poplawski apparently was a fan of crazypants fringe fruitloop, Alex Jones, crazypants mainstream liberal blogger, Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos, opined,

“When we were out of power, we organized to win the next election. Conservatives, apparently, prefer to talk “revolution” and kill cops.”

It’s great to see that police officers, like the troops, are finally getting a five minute reprieve from being relentlessly trashed by the Left, even if it’s just so they can exploit their deaths for political purposes.

Want an example? Here’s Joseph Anderson, from the The Berkeley Daily Planet, cheering on Oakland cop killer Lovelle Mixon just five days ago,

There’s a sarcastic old saying, known among blacks, “When the White Man is hurt, evvverybody must cry.” But lots of people aren’t cryin’ over four killed cops –including even many politically conscious white people–and AREN’T MOURNING along with that state mass propaganda funeral. While the cops and the media come up with suspiciously last-minute (and technically unconfirmed) stories to try to tell us just “how bad” Lovelle Mixon was (how about research into those dead cops’ background to see how abusive and dirty they were?), many of us see it as karmic justice, regardless of what person killed the four (and almost five!) cops, all in a brief afternoon’s work.

Lovelle Mixon’s name will be legendary in the Bay Area–long after people forget the names of the four cops he killed in one afternoon. And it’s karmic justice that just as many blacks in America have been murdered by cops during a “routine” traffic stop, these cops were killed during a “routine” traffic stop.

The cops called Lovelle Mixon “a cold-hearted individual who doesn’t have any regard for human life.” Well, the cops should know: they too, often against minorities, behave exactly the same way.

So, now, as far as many, especially, black and brown Bay Area people feel, there’s finally karmic justice.

Liberals work relentlessly on the behalf of criminals and openly encourage hostility to the police; then they cry crocodile tears because they think they can benefit from it politically. It’s disgusting.

PS: Poplawski deserves to get the chair and my condolences go out to the families and friends of those slain officers, Paul Sciullo III, Stephen Mayhle, & Eric Kelly. These sort of incidents are why I always tell people that I think police officers deserve to be treated like heroes, even if they never have to pull their guns out of the holster. They have incredibly dangerous jobs and any time they answer a call, even one that seems innocuous, there’s always a chance that their lives may be in danger.

PS #2: Let me remind you of a name: Carol Anne Burger.

Who’s she? She’s the HuffPo blogger who “killed her roommate by stabbing her to death 222 times with a screw driver.”

Here’s part of what I wrote about her on Oct 30, 2008,

“Definitely file Carol Anne Burger’s name away for future use. Eventually, some blogger on the Right will do something incredibly stupid or criminal and the Left will immediately declare that person is representative of all conservative bloggers. That’s when you bust out Carol Anne Burger’s name.”

Although Poplawski isn’t a conservative blogger, the same principle applies, right? So, are Markos or other lefties like let’s say, Keith Olbermann, potential screwdriver killers because of what Carol Anne Burger did? No way. That’s way too aggressive for them. I’d peg them for poisoning their roommates or hiring someone to kill them…just kidding…ehr, I was going to say “sort of,” but I am going to stick with “just kidding.”

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