Liberals Will RAGE QUIT Once They See Kid Rock’s New Patriotic Clothing Line!

by Alexandria Willis | December 8, 2016 3:52 am


Not really sure how comfortable I am with this[2]….

Kid Rock has come out with a new clothing line endorsing President-elect, Donald Trump. And it is very… interesting. And more than mildly offensive. Using profanity, it endorses Trump supporters and profanely puts down states that voted for Hillary R. Clinton.

Do not get my wrong. I dislike Clinton as much as the next guy, but I do not think this clothing line is going to help heal the division in our country. But I have been wrong before.

Kid Rock explains the purpose of the clothing line:

“Due to overwhelming demand, we decided to go ahead and actually make this & other current event merch,” the Michigan native tweeted on Monday, introducing a collection that includes a handful of products that some people would find highly offensive. One shirt boasts the slogan “Gods, Guns, and Trump,” a phrase that’s already adorning other merch sold on websites including Amazon. Another, which the singer donned for a recent concert, shows a map of the United States and highlights the states that voted for Hillary Clinton in blue and the states that voted for Trump in red, calling the blue states “DumbF***istan.”

As a Republican, it can be hard for me to be labeled as racist, sexist, ignorant, vulgar and uncultured. I do not feel like any of those stereotypes fits me or the party I have supported my whole life. That being said, these shirts are not helping our cause. Not even a little bit…..

But then maybe I just do not like their music which encourages underage drinking, drug use and partying…. that might play into this. Either way, I am not too impressed.


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