Libs Furious as football team has their season cancelled for taking a knee during National Anthem

Libs Furious as football team has their season cancelled for taking a knee during National Anthem

Was this an appropriate reaction?

After young football players in Texas took a knee during the National Anthem, their coach was suspended and they had the rest of the season ripped away from them.


Are these young men too young to really understand the implications of their actions? Was their coach the one who ultimately put them up to this (I don’t see them politically aware enough to have seen this in the news)? Should they be punished for something they might not even be aware of doing?

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Those are the questions being asked after the 11 and 12-\ year-old boys that make up the Beaumont Bulls performed a Colin Kaepernick-inspired protest during the Star Spangled Banner before their football game. The coach, Rah-Rah Barber (no I’m not making that name up) had previously discussed it with the kids, but decided against the display. However, it is being said that the kids came up to him afterward and were asking if they could kneel.

The Beaumont Bulls league staff approved the act and even issued a strong statement of support during the backlash, but for some reason, decided to suspend Barber as well as the remainder of the football season.

Shawn King (the blackest white guy in America) took to the New York Daily News to voice his outrage over the “scandal” which honestly makes me even less sympathetic to these boys.

All over the country, young people continue to take a knee during the Star Spangled Banner to protest police brutality and racial injustice in America. For them, perhaps because the world has not yet squeezed out all of their hope and optimism, or maybe because they know they have far more time left on this earth than 70-year-old Donald Trump, they each feel like taking a knee is a risk worth taking. Beautifully, they still believe this country can change. Hell, that’s what we taught them — the United States has had high highs and low lows, but after real struggles, it can change.

I guess he would know about American “change” wouldn’t he? I mean, just yesterday if a white girl put on a charcoal mask she would be deemed racist for applying “black face,” but today you can just get a really bad tan and call yourself African American and be accepted by the left. It’s a bloody miracle!

Someone (not King) needs to teach these kids that what is happening in America today is a fabrication of the media and that the National Anthem has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with our battle for independence as a nation. Of course, that would be harder than just telling them that they’re being victimized by the white man so it probably won’t happen.

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