LIBS MAD! School Warns They Will Do EVERYTHING Necessary To Protect Students – Teachers ARMED…

LIBS MAD! School Warns They Will Do EVERYTHING Necessary To Protect Students – Teachers ARMED…

Progressive liberals are only interested in “protecting children” when they get to define protection, which, apparently doesn’t involve using firearms, but it DOES include dismembering them for the mother’s convenience.

Since their definition of protection is kind of wonky, one school has decided to take the safety and well-being of your child into their hands and libs are going bonkers.


To nobody’s surprise, this school is in Texas.

Some of the parents are perfectly okay with the sign and knowing the people who are supposed to protect their students can actually do so, if someone comes into the building with intent to harm.

“Schools have been a target for, for lack of a better word, crazy people, and I’m perfectly fine with it,” said Jillian Sides, who has two sons, one in 7th grade and one in kindergarten, at the school.

The school also plans to place additional signs at all entrances to the school, so everyone entering the school knows that the teachers are packing heat.

Let’s set up a scenario for the people who might be against teachers having guns.

Let’s say you are dead broke and are at risk of losing your home. You decide, in a moment of desperation, that the only way to gather the money to pay off your debts is to commit robbery.

So, you sit down and have a think. Do you rob a bank? Do you rob a convenience store? Do you rob your neighbor up the street? How do you make this decision? Well, banks have pretty serious security. Cameras, sometimes armed guards and buttons that alert the police to any incident taking place.

The local 7/11? They installed security cameras the other day after another robbery and you know from talking to one of the clerks that they now have a shotgun under the counter.

What about the neighbor who has a “proudly anti-gun” sign in their yard? Chances are that the security at that house is very low.

So, any person thinking of committing a crime would be led to believe that hitting the building with the least amount of security would be the safest bet. Sorry, Mr. Jones, that means you.

Criminals and crazy people know that schools are hugely gun-free zones, so they can cause the most amount of harm and chaos without fear of physical retaliation. They don’t want to be confronted by a courageous individual with the ability to stop them, so they go to places where the odds of running into one of those is very low.

This school has officially made it known that they are dangerous to criminals, which will deter them and cause them to move on to the next target. God bless them for that and thank you for protecting America’s children.

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