List of celebrities leaving America if Trump is President

List of celebrities leaving America if Trump is President

Need a reason to vote for Trump? The list of people who are willing to leave this country if he is elected is reason enough for a lot of people.

Celebrities and other rich folks seem to have a problem with not getting their way and a few of them have made very public declarations about their plans to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected President.

Want to call their bluff?


Miley Cyrus posted a long diatribe on Instagram about her feelings on Donald Trump and hunting. It’s even complete with a picture of her “crying.”

You poor thing.


Amy Schumer, who fancies herself to be some sort of comedienne, has also promised to move to Spain if Trump wins the Presidency. She then went on to disparage Trump voters and play the gender card. Shocking.

“My act will change because I’ll need to learn to speak Spanish because I will move to Spain, or somewhere,” Schumer said. “It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s too crazy.”

Chelsea Handler (who?) says she’s bought a house in another country in the event of Trump’s win. Does that mean she won’t be on American TV anymore?

“I did buy a house in another country just in case, so all of these people that threaten to leave the country and then don’t, I will leave the country,” she said.

The ever-charming Lena Dunham has also blessed us with her promises of relocation to Canada. I feel bad for the Canadians.

“I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will. I know a lovely place in Vancouver and I can get my work done from there.”

Samuel L. Jackson told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that he’s also going to leave the United States and of course, it was profanity-laced. Because class.

If that mother***er becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa.”

Chloe Sevigny (I actually had to Google her, and STILL don’t know who she is) said she plans to move to Nova Scotia.

Barbara Streisand claims that the doesn’t know where she would go, but she’s thinking about Australia or Canada. Good, go bother them with your pompous attitude and sub-par voice.

Even the good ol’ Rev. Al Sharpton said that he would pack his bags. Probably because Trump would make him pay his back-taxes.

“If Donald Trump is the nominee, I’m open to support anyone, while I’m also reserving my ticket out of here if he wins.”

Amber Rose, a celebrity of some sort, said that she would take her son and bolt if Trump were to become President. For extra effect, she lamented that she would be “devastated.” I’m sure she’ll be wiping her tears with all that money she’s making doing… whatever she does.

“Jesus Christ, I can’t even think about it!” she exclaimed. “I’m moving, I’m out! I can’t. And I am taking my son with me! I would be devastated, to be honest with you!”

Cher, famous for her singing, not her political knowledge (but don’t tell her that, I don’t think she knows,) tweeted that she would move whole planets away. Hashtag drama queen.


Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Griffin, Neve Campbell, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bryan Cranston, George Lopez and Raven Symone have all vowed to leave the country as well.

If that doesn’t give you the motivation to get to the polls, I don’t know what will!

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