Little 4 Year-Old Remains Found Encased In Cement, With Parents ‘Marked By Child Abuse’ And ‘Drug Use’ [VIDEO]

Little 4 Year-Old Remains Found Encased In Cement, With Parents ‘Marked By Child Abuse’ And ‘Drug Use’ [VIDEO]

This news story is both incredibly sickening and incredibly disturbing. The body of a young four year-old girl was found encased in a block of cement that was formed in a plastic bin. The girl matches the records of a missing case from four years ago.


Detectives in Washington State were led to a home in Everett on October 29th, where they served a search warrant and discovered the remains of an unidentified child.

The county Sheriffs shared that the relatives of the girl believed the child died about four years ago, when she was living with her biological mother and her husband.

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The couple – who have a long history on the other side of the law – are thought to have panicked when she died and instead of doing the right thing, decided it would be best to wrap her body in a blanket. When it started to decompose and stink, they put the child’s body in a barrel and filled it with cement.

The pair then told anyone that inquired about the girl various stories for cover – that she had died of chicken pox, or that she had gone to live with relatives.

They are now being investigated for wrongful disposal of human remains, perjury and theft for reportedly still milking taxpayers money for the girl.


No arrests have been made and the coroner has yet to identify the girl, or any other pertinent information.

The last official evidence indicating she was alive was in September 2010, when she got her immunization shots, according to KCPQ.

Investigators working the case have no information showing that she ever attended school as well as her death ever being reported to police. As the years went by, the family life of the couple in question has been described as unstable marked by child abuse and parental drug use, according to court records.

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