LOL! Black Donald Trump Supporter Drops HILARIOUS Message For HATERS! [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | November 12, 2016 1:18 am

Many people are trying to make sense of Donald Trump’s victory and there’s no better example than the mainstream media. Even now they are wondering how their candidate (and yes, of course the media had a candidate) lost the election when they themselves were confident that they could prop Hillary up[1] just enough to win, while at the same time going hard at Trump during the general. The answer is simple. Their arrogance lost them the election.


Now this man is a black Trump supporter that just gets it. Maybe the phonies in the media could learn a bit from what this man has to say, although I doubt they are humble enough to do some honest reflection.

Now here’s what really makes this perfect. The media proclaimed that no minority group would back Donald Trump because of his campaign’s ‘racist overtones’, right? Well look at that, Trump’s numbers were better than Romney’s and McCain’s with black and Latino voters. Probably because Trump’s election and Hillary’s defeat had jack squat to do with racism and everything to do with NOT voting in the Washington political elite.


Now that the results are in and Trump is heading to the White House in January, the radicals of the left just cannot let the rules be the rules. Think about it. These millennial protesters, rioters, radicals, all of them – they have been getting participation trophies their whole lives. They’ve never had to deal with defeat and now feel justified in rioting and destroying property (Yeah Oregon, I’m talking about you).

How can a country have rule of law when anarchists are taking over the streets?

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