Long Time Employee Talks About Owning a Gun With Co-Workers, Fired for It Soon After

by Duane Lester | October 9, 2014 5:27 pm

Nino Ferlaino just spoke to his co-workers about owning a gun. Soon after that, the owner of the company had a talk with him.

Now, he’s unemployed.

Welcome to liberal America:[1]

Nino Ferlaino was a seasonal landscaper at Lakes of the Four Seasons, an upscale, gated community in Indiana for 21 years. Two days after Ferlaino discussed his firearm ownership with coworkers, he was reportedly approached by his supervisor, Doug Weiss, who questioned Ferlaino about his ownership of a firearm.
Ferlaino claims he told Weiss the truth, that he did own a gun, but also noted that he does not bring it to work.
According to The Times of Northwest Indiana[2]:
Weiss told Ferlaino that Weiss had met with the property owners association’s board of directors July 1 and that Ferlaino’s conversation with his co-workers violated the company’s “no tolerance policy,” the lawsuit says. Ferlaino says he was fired July 2.
A message left Tuesday seeking comment on the lawsuit from the Lakes of the Four Seasons Property Owners Association Inc. was not immediately returned. Emails to the president and vice president of the association’s board also went unanswered Tuesday night.
“No tolerance”- that pretty much sums up the liberal mindset when it comes to the Second Amendment.
Read the whole thing.[3]
There’s a part of me that wants to believe there’s more to the story, but there’s another part of me that really doubts there is.
Would anyone be surprised if there wasn’t?
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