Look Who Liberals Are Pushing For President In 2020 – One Guess?

Look Who Liberals Are Pushing For President In 2020 – One Guess?


This is truly hilarious. Clearly the Democrats love the idea of previous first ladies running for president, because they are now hoping for First Lady Michelle Obama to be the next Democratic presidential nominee. It is a truly ironic concept. Liberals want women to have positions of power. And that is something I agree with one hundred percent. We need to recognize the power of women. But the only women they have deemed worth acclaiming are the wives of powerful men. Is that ironic to anyone else? Michelle Obama is considered powerful, not because of her own achievements. But because she is married to a powerful man.

Over and over again, liberals have tweeted saying they want to have Michelle Obama as their next nominee.

Things like this have been said over and over again. “One good thing will come of this…in four years time Michelle Obama will be the first black female POTUS. Start visualizing now peeps! ”

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Whatever moves us on from the drama of these protests is good. I don’t even care.

But could that really be their best option? There has to be a better option for our nation. We will see how the Democratic nominee stands up against Trump in four years. For now let us just be happy with the outcome of the 2016 election.


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