Lost Hospital Worker FOUND Dead Locked In Hospital Bathroom For FIVE DAYS?!

by John Brodgian | October 7, 2015 9:28 pm

How do you go to the hospital for a cut on your finger, and not be seen again until they find you dead in the hospital bathroom[1]…five days later? This is just bizarre…

Lost Hospital Worker FOUND Dead Locked In Hospital Bathroom For FIVE DAYS?![2]

A 44-year-old Bronx father was found dead inside a locked bathroom at the hospital where he worked on Monday, five days after he went missing on the job.

The last time anyone say Anthony Iuso was on Thursday, when he took a break from cleaning the third-floor operating rooms at Montefiore Medical Center’s Einstein campus to go to the emergency room for an injured finger.

But before he could be treated in the ER, Iuso went back to use the bathroom on the third floor and was never heard from again.

His family speaks out in the video below. The hospital has no answers, but I’m sure the family’s attorneys will be getting them soon.

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