THIS Is What Made A Little Boy Beg His Father To Stop Being A Cop…

THIS Is What Made A Little Boy Beg His Father To Stop Being A Cop…

The body of slain Massachusetts police officer Ron Tarentino Jr. rolled through in a motorcade and was taken to Morin Funeral Home in Leicester, the town where he resided, on Sunday afternoon. Another officer was killed in the line of duty and the feeling amougst those who had come out to show support was heavy.

Then a little boy displayed a heart-breaking move…


From TheBlaze:

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Tarentino was shot during a traffic stop shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday. Auburn Police Chief Andrew J. Sluckis Jr. said the killer — who was fatally shot in a standoff — shot Tarentino in the back, firing off five rounds, the Worcester Telegram reported.

Walter Bird Jr., editor of Worcester Magazine, had a hunch that the highly emotional event was well worth documenting, so he phoned his award-winning photographer Steven King and said, “I need you.”

Tarentino’s body had been in Boston for an autopsy, and Bird said the motorcade on its way to the funeral home was met with an “amazing” reception.

Then suddenly, outside the funeral home, King’s eyes caught a glimpse of something unforgettable: A little boy running up to a police officer and hugging him while the officer got down on a knee and hugged him back.


Turns out the boy, according to Chief Sluckis, is named Camden — and he’s the son of veteran Auburn police officer Keith Chipman.

Chipman and his son were friends with Tarentino, and once Camden realized what had happened and why he was at the funeral home, he ran to his father and begged him, “Daddy, please don’t be a police officer anymore.”

Law enforcement are fathers and mothers too. They have families waiting for them, hoping that what happened to Officer Tarentino, doesn’t happen.

The vulnerability that this photo displays is quite touching. Let’s support our law enforcement at a time when so many will not.

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