Malia Obama Makes HUGE Announcement… Outrage Ensues

Malia Obama Makes HUGE Announcement… Outrage Ensues

Oh look, more drama where it’s not necessary. However, for your entertainment we’re going to share it with you. Malia Obama is not going to a public school for her university education…SURPRISE SURPRISE! Actually, nope…not a surprise at all, but adults want to fight over it anyway. So this happened…

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From IowaHawk:

Here’s Twitchy favorite @Iowahawkblog on the news that Malia Obama will be attending Harvard in 2017 (she’s taking a year off before starting college, commonly known as a “gap year):

He’s spot on. President Obama, champion of public schools and teacher unions that fight school choice, has never sent his kids to a public school. Why should college be any different?

However, former actress Holly Robinson Peete — probably best known for her role as Officer Judy Hoffs on “21 Jump Street” — disagreed:

Keeping Reading for IowaHawk’s response, by CLICKING HERE.

I wish I cared enough to comment on this in my closing…but, the truth is, she’s just a child who happens to be the daughter of a man who had never worked a day in his life, then became President of the United States. That she’s going to a private school is not surprising at all. Now, if she were going to a public school…well then, THAT would be a story!

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