Man in Court After ‘Waterboarding His Girlfriend’s Son, 5, and Restraining Him with Belts’

by Greg Campbell | May 19, 2015 2:57 pm

Waterboarding has proven to be an effective interrogation technique in our fight against terrorism. But waterboarding a five year-old boy? That’s just cruel and awful. The Daily Mail[1] reports on such a monster:


A 30-year-old Michigan man has been arraigned on child abuse charges.

Authorities say Michael Porter of Flint restrained his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son with belts, leaned him back over a footstool and poured water down his underwear-covered face.

They also claim Porter prodded the woman’s 12-year-old son in the chest and throat with a knife.

Mount Morris police Chief Keith Becker told NBC 25[3] that both boys have been removed from the home and that Porter used waterboarding to punish the 5-year-old after he ripped his backpack.

The chief says school officials notified police after noticing that the boy acting differently.

Porter does not have a lawyer at this time and has been charged with unlawful imprisonment, second degree child abuse, second degree child abuse in the presence of another child, assault with a dangerous weapon, and third degree child abuse.

The crimes all occurred on May 12, according to John Potbury, the assistant attorney for the county.

Porter is being held on a $400,000 cash surety bond and has yet to enter a plea and the mother of the two boys is not facing any charges at this time, though an investigation is ongoing.

I don’t know what would possess a grown man to make him want to waterboard a child. But, hopefully, if he’s found guilty, this information will make it to the folks with whom he will be serving his sentence.

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