Man Pardons Himself For “Honor Killing” Of His Own Daughter – Goes Unpunished

Man Pardons Himself For “Honor Killing” Of His Own Daughter – Goes Unpunished


The state of Pakistan right now makes my heart hurt for the people there. There are so many victims that are living in that country and they are oppressed and mistreated. Nothing illustrates that truth perhaps more than the story of a young girl who was killed by her father in an honor killing. But because of certain laws that have been put in place, he was able to pardon himself and everyone involved in the murder.

This man in Pakistan killed not only his daughter, but also her boyfriend. Why? The goal was to preserve his family’s honor. But he was acquitted in Lahore by the court after he was able to pardon himself. He also pardoned his family members, including his son and nephew. The daughter, Kiran Bibi and her boyfriend Ghulam Abbas were shot to death by the family members.

In Pakistan, the issue has been severe concerning the frequency of honor killings. This led them to pass a law that was hoped to prevent the number of killings and prosecute those responsible for these atrocities. But the irony lies in the fact that the legislation was created to prosecute and condemn those responsible. But in this tragic instance, it backfired. And it allowed him and his son and nephew to walk free after the brutal murder.

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If only we had been able to help the daughter. But the culture and country is breeding problems and turmoil. A country where three men can walk free after murdering their family members, is a country in desperate need of repair. Is this the country that is a dangerous world power? If they don’t find a way to govern their people they will not have any population left to fight with.


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