Man Spent 3 Days Staring At Girlfriend’s Decomposing Body Next To Him, Then He…

Man Spent 3 Days Staring At Girlfriend’s Decomposing Body Next To Him, Then He…

Losing a loved one is the hardest trial one can go through in life. But losing a loved one violently, then watching as the body decomposes over 3 days, must be so horrific; it screws with the mind.


A man spent three days lying next to his girlfriend’s decomposing body after the vehicle they were traveling in crashed into a tree. The boyfriend managed to crawl away from the wreckage and was able to wave down a vehicle that was passing by.

Reed, the girlfriend, had died instantly upon impact and her body remained in the vehicle.

On Thursday, Indiana Police discovered the man did not at first tell officers about the fatal crash or that his girlfriend had been killed in it and left there.

What made it worse is that they believe he was also driving with a suspended driver’s license and there was a current warrant for his arrest out. Not a good sign.


The man has since been released from the hospital, but his troubles are not over yet. He is facing a number of charges, many of which could have been avoided if he actually spoke up. These include driving while suspended causing death, leaving the scene of a fatal crash, failure to report a dead body, driving while suspended and false informing.

An Indiana State Trooper read the following at a press release:

‘On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, Bell left the vehicle and was located by a passerby along US 50 in Jennings County with injuries sustained in the crash. Trooper Rick Hewitt arrived on scene and spoke with Bell. Bell lied to Trp. Hewitt about how he sustained his injuries and did not initially tell officers that he had been in a crash or that Reed was deceased inside the vehicle.’

Reed’s death is not going to be investigated as a murder case, though the charges are bad enough without it.

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