Man SUING Chipotle Because They Made Him TOO Full – Not Kidding

by Alexandria Willis | November 24, 2016 1:31 am


Chipotle is definitely non-deserving of this lawsuit.[2] This has to be just one more indication of the ridiculous nature of the people around today. A young man has just decided that he needs to sue Chipotle.

Why you make ask? Was there some form of nasty food poisoning affecting the young man? Was there some sort of racial or sexual harassment that he experienced in the store? Was he cheated out of money or mischarged at the register? Well, it turns out that none of these issues are the case.

It is something much, much worse than any of those things.

He got too full.

The poor boy just ate too much. And, of course, heavens knows it was not his fault that he ate too much. How could it possibly be his fault? Right? It is not like he was the one choosing what was put on the burrito, right? And someone was probably force feeding him and pushing the food into his mouth. It could not possibly be his own fault that he ate so much food.

Except, of course, all of those possibilities are completely ridiculous.

According to LAist, one of the men wrote in a Los Angeles Superior Court filing that he “felt excessively full and realized that the burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories.”

Is this what our country is coming to? And to be honest, are we okay with this? This is where we are heading if we do not start growing up and taking responsibility for our own choices. We cannot always just blame someone else for our problems. This trend of entitlement is dangerous.


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