Man terrorizes neighbors with horrific Christmas display that includes a beheaded choir

Man terrorizes neighbors with horrific Christmas display that includes a beheaded choir

chrstmsdcrtnsBill Ansell is the Grinch of Ross Township, Pennsylvania. When a neighbor complained about how bright his Christmas display was, he responded by replacing it with a demented collection of Christmas decorations. There is a urinating Santa that lights up at night, a beheaded choir, and a hanging Mickey Mouse. One neighbor said Ansell once put a Virgin Mary with a knife through her head near their driveway. The neighbors who live in Ansell’s cul-de-sac cannot avoid seeing the hideous display, which is so offensive they are having difficulty selling their homes and moving away. 

According to ABC News,

The Fairley Road homeowners say they are at their wits end. They have repeatedly called police and complained to the township Board of Commissioners, but so far say they have seen little done. Ross Township has fined Ansell for local code violations, and in a statement to “20/20,” the Ross Township said they have “taken and will continue to take appropriate legal action.”

“The Township has taken and will continue to take appropriate legal action,” said Grant Montgomery, president of the Ross Board of Commissioners, in a statement to ABC News.

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In August 2014, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, upheld a court order requiring Bill Ansell to clean up his yard and take down the vulgar signs.

To date, Ansell has not complied and township officials won’t say if and how it will enforce the order.

The Hebdas said they have repeatedly complained to the township Board of Commissioners, but so far haven’t seen anything done. The lack of action is what frustrates the neighbors most.

For years, Ross Township has done nothing more than fine Ansell for the debris and signs on his property. But, he has not paid any of those citations. There is currently a 6-month-old court order demanding that he clean up his yard, which he has also ignored.

Neighbor Chris Hebda said he’s been forced to cash in his retirement since he cannot rent his house out for what it’s worth. It is appalling that this hostile neighbor has gotten away with this disgraceful behavior this for so long. Fortunately, in this era of social media, he may end up facing a backlash that will quickly solve the problem.

Rachel Alexander

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