How many is THIS? Hillary Abandons Stage after ANOTHER Coughing ATTACK! – VIDEO

How many is THIS? Hillary Abandons Stage after ANOTHER Coughing ATTACK! – VIDEO

Really Hillary? You have go to be kidding America? How long are you going to be pulling this cough business without ever discussing what’s going on? Is it disqualifying? Please, the campaign can’t keep feeding her the excuses like all that “pollen” in the air this time around. You are indoors.


It seems that another one of Hillary Clinton’s coughing attacks set off another long string of hacking and death rattle talking while she was addressing yet another group of Americans…and this time, she just couldn’t even power through this one (not that she fared any better from the other attempts) and had to take a leave off the stage she was speaking on.

Hillary Clinton looked dispirited and weary yet again during the speech. It very well could have been a part of the long haul that is campaigning, but we cannot ignore the fact that she yet again goes through another coughing fit and this time it is so bad, she’s out of there:

The low-energy Clinton had been speaking and taking questions from the press for about fourteen minutes when she first ended her press conference, but returned to the microphone to answer a shouted question about her rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaking to Larry King, who’s show happens to be part of the Russia Today network.

Clinton must have continued on for another two minutes then suddenly cut herself off, turned and walked away, giving a short and to the point response: “Thank you all.”

And that was it. She was out of there…but as you can see and HEAR in the video, she wasn’t done talking because that was all there was to talk about. Nope. She was about to hack out her lungs.

As soon as she gets to the pillar that’s on the stage, you can hear two loud coughs! It would seem that all the fuss about her coughing has finally bothered her to where she feels she needs to be off camera to talk.


So Hillary, what’s REALLY causing the coughs? You might as well fess up, because it doesn’t look like it’s going away…

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