Marine To Bill Clinton’s FACE: “Four Marines DIED In Benghazi And Your Wife LIED!” [VIDEO]

Marine To Bill Clinton’s FACE: “Four Marines DIED In Benghazi And Your Wife LIED!” [VIDEO]

When a Marine shows up to a rally, and stands alone in protest against what the speaker is trying to say, you know he’s serious. When that particular speaker happens to be a former president and all around liberal media darling, you know he has a serious set on him.


It all happened during a South Carolina rally on behalf of Hillary. He was in the middle of addressing the crowd
when a lone Marine stood up and said something that had the rest of the event-goers in shock.

Here is an excerpt from the Conservative Post on what exactly transpired – When Bill Clinton visited Bluffton, South Carolina to rally people to vote for Hillary, a former Marine Drill Sgt., caught Bill off guard raising his voice to be heard, “we had four Americans die in Benghazi and your wife lied to cover it up!” Hillary supporters booed and yelled “she did not lie,” but he raised his voice to be heard.

Out of all the many scandals of the Clinton’s and in particular Hillary, Benghazi is the most blatantly egregious and the most ignored of them all. Not even Colin Powell, the Bush administration’s Secretary of State believes it’s worth pursuing Hillary over, as we read from his recent hacked emails.

Now the way Bill handled the main question is interesting to note. He didn’t get upset, as much as I can tell, and he actually asked that the Marine be able to stay, as security escorted him out. It would seem as if he tried to maneuver this one. If you have a stated Marine asking a hard question about your wife’s scandal, you really have to navigate that one, as going too hard on a service member may not score you any brownie points with the military voters.

Politics is sick.

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