MASSIVE Brawl Breaks Out in Memphis iHop *SHOCK*

by Just An American | June 22, 2016 5:07 am

Geez, some people really know how to keep it classy. <---ABSOLUTE SARCASM. Why people think this kind of behavior is at all acceptable after the age of 10, is FAR beyond me. What's the freaking point!? Pride? Behaving like this is far more damaging to someone's pride than just taking a chill pill and saving the battles for real issues, but each their own. Untitled[1]

EXCEPT when you’re at IHOP trying to enjoy some pancakes and this kind of garbage starts to go down…then, it’s just rude. The General Manager told police that the employee, Janika Nellums and her sister, Shanika Strickland went into a savage match with other restaurant employees.

Well there you go. Crappy people being crappy, AND that’s why you don’t pay an entry level job $15 an hour. If they are going to learn how to respect themselves and others, they aren’t going to learn it getting paid for being hooligans.

Did they even know WHY they were throwing swings at each other? Ridiculous.

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